• We bring interactive entertainment to the next level.

    The Manager Project closed the gabs between fans and artists.

    Cast // Select talented candidates

    During the online casting process each manager selects a limited number of personally favored candidates. The most popular ones proceed to the next casting level.

    Direct // Guide your artists

    Managers have a direct impact on the artist's career and consequently on the band's success while receiving a share of the generated revenue.

    Challenge // Find personal limits

    Thrilling real life challenges drag managers out of their comfort zone and fuel the community's dare loop and the race for popularity.

    Connect // Use your favorite platform

    The Manager App for Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast Ultra, Roku, watchOS, iOS and Android empowers the online audience to direct the actions of artists, to shape a fan base and to master their own success story as a manager.

Features For Users

Available on any device

To have the most reach we will be available Any operating system. The access is across platforms, synchronised and customized.

Use any device

Meet your local community

Learn who is into the same music and artist in your area. Meet people with the same interest and discuss the hottest rumors about your idol, and talk about how you can help to reach the next step on the career ladder.

Explore your Community

Create the story

Be part of the big success story of the artist. Make your voice heard and change the Plot. One person, one voice.


Manage like a Boss

Make the best decisions and become a premium manager, lead junior managers, organize your local community, ...

Manage like a boss


Get in touch with your favorite artists and exchange with the global community.

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Find out what your target group really thinks!

Create, analyze, act.

You can create your personalized Access Panel Account for your opinion polls. You have a direct gateway to find out what your target group really things about your product. You can generate your customized data sheet for subsequent processing or download.


Full Platform Integration

Get the most out of your content! Finally, you can post and share content on multiple social networks all at once and in one place.

  • Video Streams

  • Stories and Posts

  • Viewer Count and Insights


Listen to our advisors and investors

Our advisors and investors contribute their experience to ensure top quality. Everybody has a long career in the entertainment industry. Including the priority areas of music, gaming, licensing and loyalty programs. We are very proud of the high standard of the team.

Technology Stack

Don't worry about peak usage. Based on Amazon Webservices, the platform easily scales to your needs. The platform is protected against DDOS attacks and provides API throttling, and bot detection/IP Filtering is in place to prevent abuse.


You pull the strings

The mobile Manager App lets the internet audience watch and control the show's plot from anywhere.

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  • The personal assistant is an AI based person who helps,
    supports and trains managers on an individual level.

    • reminders for decisions, castings, challenges and more
    • professional management advice based on your decision history
    • exclusive insights and secret information
  • Creating a new manager account is as easy as entering your email address or using the SSO button of your preferred social network.

    • no personal details are required in order to get started
    • single sign-on support for Facebook, Twitter and other platforms
    • referral program
  • During the online casting process managers can vote qualified applicants up or down. Since managers do not see the current popularity of an applicant, the voting decision is fair and detached from external impacts. Like in a real world casting situation the first impression counts. Once a manager made a choice for or agains a candidate, this decision can't be undone. After the online casting has ended, a purged selection of the most popular artists will proceed to the next casting round.

    • equal conditions for all candidates
    • managers can focus on skills and attitude
  • Having a direct impact on the band's success while receiving a share of the generated revenue is one of the most exciting app and platform features. Managers can make their decisions within a limited timeframe. The decision results are instantly evaluated considering the advice of a professional manager jury.

    • crowd based decisions drive the plot forward
    • limited decision time
    • instant evaluation of results
  • The Manager Project crosses the classical borders of digital interaction by introducing the thrilling concept of real life challenges. Managers are facing a selection of unforeseeable challenges that empower the band's success and their popularity. Once a challenge has been accepted by a manager, its accomplishment has to be filmed and the video has to be uploaded via the Manager App. If the crowd of managers confirms a correct accomplishment the challenge will show up as passed on the manager's profile. Passing a challenge supports the band, increases the manager's credibility and triggers an instant token reward for the successful manager.

Thomas Richter
CEO & Founder
After 25 years in the entertainment business this is my master-piece!
Patrick Loewer
COO & Founder
We will rock the music industry.
Kay Loewer
This project has the potential to become the next ‚Facebook‘! - just better!
Sebastian Malm
Director Content Management
We create a product that will shake the entertainment industry
Harry Seefeld
Director Show
Antje Klippstein
Manager Finance
Country Managament
ZhaoXia Chen
President China
This is what the Chinese people waited for!
Jay Park
President South Korea
Korea is looking forward to this mind-breaking idea.
Frank Redecker
Business Manager China
Platform Development
Victor Kalinichenko
Head of Development
The complexity of the modern marketing environment is extreme.
Gennadiy Liutvort
“A unique 360° Entertainment from technology to TV shows"
SW Architecture
Victor Kalinichenko
Team Lead SW Architecture (i.PU.)
The complexity of the modern marketing environment is extreme.
Alexandr Fedorak
Back-End .NET Developer
Alexandr Pazyuk
Back-End .NET Developer
Oleksiy Zhdanov
Project Manager UI/UX
Andrii Kyianov (NDi)
Alina Medvid
Graphic Designer & UI/UX
Olexandr Paziuk
.NET Engineer
Work with the newest technologies. Take an influential role in innovative projects. Become part of a fast growing team.
Web Development
Dimitriy Prisyagniy
Team Lead Web Development
Alexandr Chornyy
Web Developer
Yulia Boichuk
Project Manager Front End Development
Artistic Development
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Director Show and Tour Management
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Artistic Team Coach
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