Thomas Richter
CEO & Founder
After 25 years in the entertainment business this is my master-piece!
Patrick Loewer
COO & Founder
We will rock the music industry.
Kay Loewer
This project has the potential to become the next ‚Facebook‘! - just better!
Sebastian Malm
Director Content Management
We create a product that will shake the entertainment industry
Harry Seefeld
Director Show
Antje Klippstein
Manager Finance
Country Managament
ZhaoXia Chen
President China
This is what the Chinese people waited for!
Jay Park
President South Korea
Korea is looking forward to this mind-breaking idea.
Frank Redecker
Business Manager China
Platform Development
Victor Kalinichenko
Head of Development
The complexity of the modern marketing environment is extreme.
Gennadiy Liutvort
“A unique 360° Entertainment from technology to TV shows"
SW Architecture
Victor Kalinichenko
Team Lead SW Architecture (i.PU.)
The complexity of the modern marketing environment is extreme.
Alexandr Fedorak
Back-End .NET Developer
Alexandr Pazyuk
Back-End .NET Developer
Oleksiy Zhdanov
Project Manager UI/UX
Andrii Kyianov (NDi)
Alina Medvid
Graphic Designer & UI/UX
Olexandr Paziuk
.NET Engineer
Work with the newest technologies. Take an influential role in innovative projects. Become part of a fast growing team.
Web Development
Dimitriy Prisyagniy
Team Lead Web Development
Alexandr Chornyy
Web Developer
Yulia Boichuk
Project Manager Front End Development
Artistic Development
N. N.
Director Show and Tour Management
N. N.
Artistic Team Coach
N. N.
N. N.
Office Manager
N. N.
Graphic Design
N. N.
Brand Manager
N. N.
Social Media
N. N.
Content Management